An Analysis of Factors Explaining Personal Relationship Managers’ (PRMs) Motivation: The Case of PT. XYZ, Tbk

Stephanie Sidarahardja(1*), Santhio Ardy Susanto(2),

(*) Corresponding Author


As much as employees important for an organization, motivation becomes the main concern of the  employees management  to determine the  successful  performance of the employees. This
also happens in PT. XYZ in which the management has put some efforts to increase the motivation among the Personal Relationship Managers (PRMs) since based on the performance in 2013, only 30% among 236 were able to perform above the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) standards. For motivation becomes the biggest suspect of the low performance problem, the research attempted to identify the factors explaining motivation of PRMs working at PT. XYZ, Tbk. The research was
carried out through exploratory factor analysis that gathered data from the distribution of questionnaires. Among 332 PRMs, 140 PRMs participated and became the samples. Finally, the research identified seven factors explaining the PRMs’ motivation, which were  (1) company’s policies & culture, (2) superiors' attitudes, (3) job flexibility, (4) working condition, (5) job enrichment, (6) strategic clarity and (7) basic training programs.
Keywords: employee motivation, motivational factors, factor analysis, personal relationship    

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