Pengaruh Advertising Content Value dan Influencer Credibility terhadap Attitude towards Brand dan Enrollment Intention; Studi Kasus Glints X Career Conference Indonesia

Brian Marco(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


The Effect of Advertising Content Value and Influencer Credibility on Attitude towards Brand and Enrollment Intention; Case Study of Glints X Career Conference Indonesia. This study was made with the aim of analyzing the influence of Advertising Content Value and Influencer Credibility on Purchase Intention through Attitude towards Brand at Glints X Career Conference Indonesia. This research is conclusive and classified in the type of causal research using a quantitative approach. Data were collected through an online survey using a questionnaire instrument with responses that can be used from 100 respondents. Respondents are fresh graduates (graduated in 2020-2021) who have seen TikTok content about the Glints X Career Conference from influencer Vina Muliana (@vmuliana). The data is processed using a structural model equation approach with Partial Least Square Technique. The results of the study prove the influence of the Advertising Content Value and Influencer Credibility on Purchase Intention


Advertising Content Value, Influencer Credibility, Attitude towards Brand, Purchase Intention

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