The influence of brand experience on willingness to pay a premium price mediated by brand love in the case of generation Z on Zoom

Ferrell Alexander(1*), Gevin Gunawan Buntoro(2),

(*) Corresponding Author


There are some studies that discuss the impact of feelings on behavior after consuming a product or service from a brand. This research paper examines the role of brand experience in the willingness to pay a premium price, mediated by brand love on video conferencing platforms for generation Z in Indonesia. The test showed a satisfactory result where brand experience and brand love have a significant relationship with the willingness to pay a premium price. Moreover, the research also finds that brand love plays an important role as it assists the significant relationship between brand experience and willingness to pay a premium price. This research is using a quantitative study through simple random sampling. The findings will then be analyzed using PLS-SEM. The findings from this study will contribute to business managers and marketers in creating marketing strategies with a focus to capture customers’ willingness to pay a premium price by creating a positive brand experience, as well as brand love for industry that is similar with video conferencing platforms in Indonesia specifically for generation Z. Additionally, this research will also contribute to the literature of marketing in Indonesia as it is discussing the consumer behavior of generation Z in the video conferencing platform.

Keywords: COVID-19, Zoom, Generation Z, brand experience, brand love, willingness to pay a premium price.


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