The Impact of Personalization, Quality of Service, and Hassle-Free Service Toward Customer Experience in the Case of Shopee Indonesia

Cynthia Evelin Soewartono(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


As the utilization of artificial intelligence continues to grow, businesses have become more efficient and productive in engaging with customers. Moreover, many e-commerce companies are
investing in AI to offer their customers the best shopping experience. Shopee as one of the leading e-commerce companies in Indonesia is very popular and frequently used by consumers to purchase products. Therefore, the researcher would like to further understand the application of artificial intelligence in Shopee Indonesia. The research framework adopted by Rajkhowa & Das (2020) analyzes how personalization, quality of service, and hassle-free service affects customer experience. The research will use a quantitative approach and focus on Shopee customers in Indonesia. Furthermore, convenience sampling will be used as the sample design with online questionnaires as the data collection technique. The data gathered from 101 respondents were analyzed using PLS-SEM through SmartPLS 4. The results show that only quality of service has a significant impact on customer experience. However, personalization and hassle-free service have no significant impact on customer
experience. In conclusion, this research could provide benefits to academicians as an additional reference and information for further studies as well as e-commerce companies, marketers, and business practitioners as insights regarding the application of AI in increasing and providing good service quality to enhance customer experience.

Keywords: personalization, quality of service, hassle-free service, customer experience.


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