Factors Influencing Impulse Buying Behavior on E‐commerce Platform Mediated by Pleasure and Arousal in The Case of Shopee in Indonesia

Audrey Byastira Hariadi, Frishella Gunawan


The shift towards online purchasing proved that internet shoppers tend to be more impulsive than non‐internet shoppers, exhibiting impulse buying behavior’s presence in e‐commerce environment. A popular e‐commerce platform in Indonesia is Shopee, where impulse buying behavior is evident and essential in driving sales. However, rapid e‐commerce growth intensifies e‐commerce rivalries. Therefore, the researchers wish to understand the factors influencing online impulse buying behavior in Shopee. This research used Mehrabian and Russell’s (1974a) S‐O‐R framework, analyzing the relationship between hedonic and utilitarian shopping motivation and website and marketing stimulus towards online impulse buying behavior mediated by pleasure and arousal in the case of Shopee Indonesia. This research focuses on Shopee users in Indonesia, done through a quantitative approach using simple random sampling, with online questionnaires to obtain the data. 180 respondents were
analyzed using PLS‐SEM and bootstrapping method. The findings show that hedonic shopping motivation, marketing stimulus, and website stimulus are fully mediated by pleasure, while hedonic shopping motivation and marketing stimulus are fully mediated by arousal in influencing online impulse buying behavior. However, results show that utilitarian shopping value is not mediated by pleasure and arousal, and website stimulus is not mediated by arousal towards online impulse buying behavior.


Hedonic Shopping Motivation, Utilitarian Shopping Motivation, Marketing Stimulus, Website Stimulus, Pleasure, Arousal, Online Impulse Buying Behavior.


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