Perancangan Modul Pelatihan di PT.X sebagai Dasar Program Pelatihan Pengurangan Waste

Randy Rudy Rusli, Prayonne Adi


The sustainability of a company is influenced by the quality of human resources owned by the company. Quality of human resources owned by a company is influenced by development programs carried out by the company, such as training. Designing a suitable training module is the key to a successful training. The design of training modules for waste reduction at PT. X is done by using work instructions as a reference and field observations to validate the work instructions. The training module is used as a basis for employee training. Testing the result of the training is done by monitoring the level of waste produced in normal working conditions during on job training period. The training module has been proven to be an effective training material, as evidenced by the reduction in the level of waste that reaches target set by the company. Furthermore, the implementation of the training program can be continued for productivity increase or as an example for other departments.


Human Resource; Training Module; Training and Development; Waste Reduction

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