Pengaruh Promosi Freegift dan Celebrity image Lemonilo Terhadap Repurchase intention

Aveline Winona Purnama(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


This Research was conducted to determine the influence of Free Gift and Lemonilo's Celebrity image on Repurchase intention. Data collection was carried out in the time period from November 23, 2023, to November 13, 2023 through a Google Form with the link and received 129 participated. The research variable Freegift were measured using 5 indicators, Celebrity Image is measured with 5 indicators, and Repurchase intention is measured with 5 indicators. The research results prove that the two independent variables between Free Gift and Celebrity Image can influence the dependent variable Repurchase Intention Mie Lemonilo. The coefficient of determination R squared is 0.451, which shows that the influence of the two independent variables Free Gift and Celebrity Image on the dependent variable Repurchase Intention is 45.1% in the model, so there are still 54.9% of other factors that influence Repurchase Intention.


Free Gift, Celebrity Image, Repurchase Intention

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