The Effect of Work Motivation Factors on Job Satisfaction in XY company

Suhartono Suhartono(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


The reason behind this research is because XY company  faces  low productivity and low employee
motivation problems. The purpose of this research is to give solutions towards XY’s problem. Respondent of this
research is employee of production division of  XY Makassar.  Sampling method that has been used for this
research is stratified sampling method on all division inside production division in XY Makassar. The method
being used  is  multiple  linear  regression analysis and this research also  use work motivations factor as the
independent variables and job satisfaction as the dependent variable. Results of the research has shown that  
simultaneously work motivations factor have significant influence on job satisfaction while individually, only
salary and job security are the factors that have significant influence on job satisfaction. Researcher has made
several suggestions to XY in order for them to improve job satisfaction.  
Keywords: Work Motivation, Job satisfaction, Herzberg Theory, Hygiene Theory

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