Customer Satisfaction as the Mediator Between E-Service Quality and Repurchase Intention in The Case of Bukalapak E-commerce

Wilson Smith(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


The global digitalization trend has transformed businesses, resulting in an increase in the remote economy and e-commerce market. Within the dynamic landscape in Indonesia, Bukalapak competed by prioritizing a fair economy and supporting micro-enterprises. However, it holds the fourth position in terms of popularity, resulting in studies of the factors influencing consumer behavior. This research studied the mediating effect of customer satisfaction in the relationship between e-service quality towards repurchase intention, in the case of Bukalapak Indonesia, particularly in the context of Generation Z in East Java. This research collected data using simple random sampling through distributing online questionnaires. As a result, 385 qualified respondents that had used the Bukalapak e-commerce for transaction before were gathered. After analyzing the results of the online questionnaires using the PLS-SEM method, results showed that customer satisfaction does mediate the relationship between e-service quality and repurchase intention, as these three variables all have direct correlation with each other.

Keywords: e-service quality, Customer satisfaction, Repurchase intention, Bukalapak.


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