Vol 6, No 2 (2018)

iBuss Management

Table of Contents


Factors that Affect Online Repurchase Intention at Tokopedia
Chyntia Harijono
The Impact of Marketing Mix of 4Ps (Product, Price, Place, and Promotion) towards Repurchase Intention with Customer Satisfaction as the mediator: In the Case of Uniqlo
Allwin Filbert, Wilson Anthony
The Impact of Employee Job Satisfaction and Lack of Job Alternatives toward Employee Retention of Generation Y in Indonesia
Karen Christabel, Paulivia Dewi Sutanto
The Leadership Competencies in Family Business: A Case Study of A Family Business Company in Surabaya
Thesia Agatha Patria, Alvin Kristanto
The Influence of Perceived Value toward Customer Loyalty with Customer Satisfaction as the Mediating Variable: in the case of Boncafe
Billy Tanujaya
Equity Mutual Funds Performance Assessment in Indonesia and Its Determinants
Dayan Cahya Pradipta
The Impact of Reward/Pay, Communication, Working Condition, Nature of Work, Supervisory Support, Promotion, and Coworker toward Employee Turnover with Job Satisfaction as Mediator
Kenny Santoso
The Factors Affecting Online Repurchase Intention in the Case of Zalora
Fortuna Shanarda Wicaksono, Hans Kristian Darsono
The Impact of Personality and Working Environment Towards Job Performance in Educational Institutions
Caroline Ongkowijoyo, Henry Tjendra Santoso
The Impact of Competition and Concentration Towards Systemic Risk in Indonesian Banking Industry
Jesslyn Vania, Natasha Eugene Chung
The Impact of Marketing Mix 4Ps and Consumer Behavior toward Purchase Decision of Adidas Products
Clara Ang, Hariadi Rusli
The Impact of the MSME’s marketing to the Customer Satisfaction in Micro, Small, and Medium Restaurant in Surabaya
Ivana Patricia
The Influence of Job Factors on the Employee Satisfaction. A Case Study of Salon in Surabaya
Billy Oliver Sumanto
Intercompany Financing “Implementation of Arm’s Length Principle to the LG Shared Service Center Short-term Intercompany Financing”
Sherlyta Utomo
The Impact of Return on Asset, Debt to Equity Ratio, Book Value of Equity per Share, and Dividend Payout Ratio towards the Stock Price of LQ-45 Companies Listed in the IDX Period 2014 - 2016
Yunita Vilanie