Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis pada Ulasan ECommerce dengan Metode Support Vector Machine untuk Mendapatkan Informasi Sentimen dari Beberapa Aspek

Hansen Gunawan Sulistio, Andreas Handojo


In this era of globalization, all people's activities are starting to use technology to facilitate their daily activities. One of the most impactful forms of digitization activities is online buying and selling activities such as the use of the Tokopedia and Shopee platforms. The existence of a review feature on online buying and selling places (e-commerce) is one of the factors supporting the increase in people's online transactions. The number of people who have started to implement online buying and selling activities in their daily lives has resulted in an increase in the number of reviews on e-commerce.The large number of reviews makes it difficult for potential buyers to review a product to be purchased. The factors that determine the shopping experience of each individual are different so that the reviews and ratings given by each individual on a product or store vary. This affects the average rating of a product or store so that the average rating on a product does not necessarily represent the quality of the product. To overcome this problem, the author makes a system where prospective buyers and sellers will be facilitated to assess an aspect of a product. The system created by the author shows several aspects that are crucial for buyers and sellers in reading a review, such as general aspects, accuracy, quality, service, delivery, packaging, and price using the Support Vector Machine method. In these aspects, the system created will show sentiments on reviews that have been written by buyers such as positive, negative, or neutral sentiments. In addition to showing the sentiments of aspects of a product, this system also shows which aspects affect the product rating the most, the aspects that are most frequently discussed, what aspects are most rated positively and negatively.The results of the thesis show that the aspect that is often discussed is the quality aspect. General aspects, accuracy, quality, service, delivery, and packaging affect the rating value on a product rating while the price aspect does not affect a product rating. Compared to the Shopee platform, there are more positive reviews written on Tokopedia than reviews on Shopee.


Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis; E-commerce; Support Vector Machine

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