Penerapan Strategi Optiflow pada Plant Sensor PT X

Charles Ongko Wijoyo, I Gede Agus Widyadana


PT X has three production plant, which one of them is Sensor plant. This thesis is made for renew the material grouping in procurement strategy in Sensor plant of PT X. This renewal purposed to make an adjustment to current condition. Optiflow strategy is one of PT X’s procurement strategy category that used to decrease the value of the inventory. Optiflow strategy that used in PT X are consignment, VMI, and the combination from both. The largest inventory value come from the material which use non-optiflow strategy in current condition. Implementation of this new design will focus on current non-optiflow material category. Estimated impact from the renewal is the decrease of inventory value till 45,5%.


procurement; inventory; optiflow; consignment; VMI

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