Perancangan Standar Layanan Pegawai di PT. Klojen

William Putra


PT. Klojen is a TV cable company in Lumajang, East java. The objective of this reseach is designing standard service at PT. Klojen. Designing standard based on the observation that conducted by author, namely by the initial stage of distributing questionnaires to capture and rank the customer complaints. Thus, author made observation and interview to find out more details. Then, author designed the service standard which is became the priority. The design is done by creating a Standard Operational Procedure (SOP), work instruction and forms. Employee are asked to implementing the service with the standards. The author made checklist to asses whether the service has actually been implemented. The result showed that the service standard has been successful applied, even with different times adaption between services and employees.


service design; work instruction; SOP

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