Perencanaan Layout Gudang Bahan Jadi Pada PT. SPS

Edward Johanes(1*), I Gede Widyadana(2),

(*) Corresponding Author


PT. SPS has an ineffective finished materials warehouse layout. This is because the layout of the company is only based on the customer. Therefore the research aims to make the layout more effective by reducing the moment of material handling equipment. Making this layout is based on customer priority where customer priority is obtained from the total tonnage of storage in the warehouse. Apart from the layout, PT. SPS also does not apply the FIFO concept. This is due to the absence of directives and an easy way to read data to differentiate jumbos with old and new production dates. In order to improve the application of FIFO, an evaluation is held every week to monitor jumbo shipments. Besides that, a warehouse stock appearance is modified by adding production dates and providing colour indicators to make it easier to distinguish old and new production dates. The new layout can reduce the moment by 8.7% or 59,906 meters/month. This is because customers who have high priority have a closer distance to I/O so that it will reduce the moment of material handling equipment.


layout, warehouse, FIFO

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