Hazard Identification, Risk Assessment, and Risk Control di PT. Intan Utama

Felicia Ellen Wijaya(1*),

(*) Corresponding Author


PT. Intan Utama is a service company where one of its businesses is engaged
in the interior design contracting business that produces various kinds of furniture products. Until now the company does not have a HIRARC document. This final project aims to identify hazards, carry out risk assessments, and create risk control plans for hazards in the company's production area. After conducting research, there are 8 activities with 15 sub-activities in the production area which includes warehouses. This research is only focused on sub-activities that have extreme and high risk ratings. In the production area of the 15 sub-activities there is an extreme risk rating category with a total of 2 cases, and a high risk rating category with a total of 9 cases. In hazard risk
control there are 14 administrative controls, 7 controls by carrying out technical designs, 1 control by substitution and 6 controls using PPE. If risk control is carried out, it is estimated that the risk rating will be moderate with a total of 18 cases and low with a total of 15 cases which the company is also willing to pay for from the proposed controls that have been given.


hazard identification; risk assessment; risk control; HIRARC

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