Pengembangan Aplikasi Trucking Haulage untuk Meningkatkan Produktivitas Pengangkutan Bongkar Kontainer di PT. X Surabaya

Claudia Febby Siemawijaya


Logistics is a business that will continue to grow, because it is needed in the business world to deliver goods at the right time and quantity, and at low costs. PT. X is a logistics and shipping company. One of the activities that run in the logistics and shipping business is container haualge. The haulage process is considered still less effective and efficient. The current level of productivity as measured by the number of ritase per day is low. This is caused by the haulage process that can not be detected in real time, impractical communication media, queues, and unavailability of trucks. The trucking haulage application is created and developed so non-value added activities will be minimized or eliminated, so the haulage productivity dan be increased. This study discusses the development of a trucking haulage application in phase 1.1. The implementation result of the application shows that the haulage productivity increased from 7,36 ritases per day to 7,93 ritases per day. Two sample t-test shows that the p-value obtained is 0,033 (< 0,05), so it can be concluded that the trucking haulage application can increase the productivity of container discharge at PT. X Surabaya.


logistic and shipping; application; haulage; productivity; ritase

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