Identifikasi Tingkat Burnout Tenaga Marketing sebuah Perusahaan Real Estate Menengah ke Atas

Daniel Christanto, Nyoman Sutapa


The existence of the COVID-19 pandemic has made real estate companies experience obstacles or difficulties in selling their properties, so they are more focused on promoting and marketing the company through an online system. This has an impact on increasing the work of marketing personnel because they focus more on online systems in promoting and marketing the company. This study aims to determine the level of burnout of marketing personnel during the COVID-19 pandemic. The data collection technique was carried out using a questionnaire distributed online in the form of a google form. Data processing was carried out using descriptive statistics and ANOVA to analyze the differences and calculate the burnout weights of workers in real estate companies. The level of heavy burnout consists of workers with the most female sex with staff positions aged 25-40 years. Most of the workers are married with 1 child. Education of graduates at most diploma-S1 majoring in business management, marketing, design, communication science, industrial engineering with a length of work < 6 years.


marketing personnel; real estate; burnout rate

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