Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) pada Proses Produksi Kardus di PT. Multipack Unggul

Kevin Ignatius


Production activity in industry can operate better if the production machine effectivity increases. The main problem identified in PT. Multipack Unggul is ineffective machine usage. One of the causes is the occurrence of downtime. Data indicates the duration of downtime happens in October 2021 for 69,133 hours (1,819%), November 2021 for 103,5 hours (2,806%), December 2021 for 90,1 hours (2,192%), and January 2022 for 96,433 hours (2,679%). That problem urges total productive maintenance (TPM) design and implementation in the company. Processed data shows that there are 7 machines with OEE value that do not reach the standard, i.e., corrugator, flexo I, II, IV, glue I, II, and III, despite a machine above the standard, i.e., flexo III. The MTBF and MTTR value of each machine are also calculated. The significance of the maintenance item is determined by the MTBF value. After analyzing the root causes, improvements plans and implementation are done. Several improvements have performed and showed an increase or indication of an increase in the period time of maintenance items on corrugator, flexo, and glue machine.


total productive maintenance; overall equipment effectiveness; downtime

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