Helping Nawangan villagers in preparation of its Tourism Village through COP

Carmelia Carmelia, Elkana Retika, Theresia Lunetta Thionarto, Jonathan Adi Prastya, Tiffani Sutrisno, Anita Chrisanti, Resmana Lim


Tourism village are society groups that seek to increase tourism understanding and community participation in tourism development in their region. Nawangan is one of the tourism villages that has potential because of the existence of Jengger Hill. The problem is that the residents of Nawangan sub-village have not yet realized that the available resources are sufficient for villagers to develop their villages. With the COP (Community Outreach Program) program, students from Indonesia and other countries help the villagers of Nawangan to process and utilize these resources. The construction of Nawangan coffee shop, seminars, and construction of toilets is needed by villagers of Nawangan  to increase their knowledge and abilities.

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