The Generic Structure of Print Advertisement of Elizabeth Arden’s INTERVENE: A Multimodal Discourse Analysis

  • Aylanda Dwi Nugroho English Department, Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian University, Siwalankerto 121-131, Surabaya 60236, East Java
Keywords: Multimodal Discourse Analysis, semiotic resources, linguistic resource, visual resource, print advertisement


The Elizabeth Arden campaign with Catherine Zeta-Jones as the brand ambassador has deployed the semiotic resources of language and visual images. The analysis of this paper is based on the systemic functional linguistics (SFL) proposed by Halliday (1985, 1994) and Halliday and Matthiessen (2004), which says that a text is understood to simultaneously function three metafunctions: Ideational, Interpersonal and Textual. O’Toole’s (1994) framework of analysing visual images, which follows the main concept of SFL, is also used in the analysis. A multimodal discourse analysis is then applied to analyse one of the series, Intervene, using Cheong’s framework (2004), which combined both frameworks to find the generic structure of this advertisement. Further, this paper also analyses the intersemiosis of the linguistic and the visual resources using Wee’s (2009) intersemiotic mechanisms. It concludes that the interplay of the language and the visual image has proved to be very effective in the meaning-making process of this print advertisement.


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