UX Re-Designing for Baudoin Wash System’s Website

Judith Novia Tanta


The purpose of this paper is to  re-design the user experience especially in the interaction design on Baudoin current website in order to attract potential client for Baudoin washing system. The website itself cover more than usability problem, for example user interface problems. Moreover, finding the best approach for re-designing a website to be a web-shop also conducted throughout this report. Research question was formulated “How to re-design Baudoin’s website to be a web shop that is focused on the interaction design as well as following the latest UI/UX standard so that Baudoin can attract more potential client?“ was answered throughout this paper. The data was gathered by combining quantitative and qualitative approach to avoid bias result since the important conclusion was compiled by user testing and observing the user itself in qualitative way. It can be learned that understanding the elements that need to be re-designed combined with understanding the user needs was essential throughout the process to reach the real expectation of the user. Improving the usability of the website itself.



re-designing, website, usability, Baudoin washing service re-design, understanding user, user experience, user interaction

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