Pengaruh Digital Leadership terhadap Kinerja Perusahaan Startup di Jawa Timur

Vincensius Purnomo(1*), Stanly Tejasukmana(2), Juniarti Juniarti(3),

(1) UK Petra
(*) Corresponding Author


Firm performance is one of the most commonly found instruments in determining
management decisions to manage the company. Firm performance can be divided into two perspectives
to determine financial performance and non-financial performance. Various studies have been
conducted to determine the effect of digital leadership on financial performance, and these studies
have influential results. Several previous studies have also found that digital leadership has an
influence on non-financial performance, and these studies have mixed results.
This study aims to examine the application of digital leadership applied to startup companies in East
Java which is a determining factor for the creation of a competitive advantage that can have an impact
on financial performance and non-financial performance.

In this study, a questionnaire-based survey was conducted to collect data on startup companies
in East Java. This study uses non-probability sampling where not all members of the population have
the same opportunity to be selected because they do not meet several criteria. Specifically, this
research uses purposive sampling technique, namely the sampling technique by setting several sample
criteria and selecting samples that meet the predetermined criteria. Then it will be analyzed using
WarpPLS 8.0 Software.


digital leadership, firm performance, and startup company.

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