Pengaruh Eps dan Pertumbuhan Laba terhadap Harga Saham pada sektor Infrastruktur yang tercatat di Bursa Efek Indonesia. Apakah Prioritas Pembangunan Infrastruktur ikut mempengaruhi?

David Subagio(1*), Shany Setiawan(2), Yulius Christiawan(3),

(1) UK Petra
(*) Corresponding Author


This study was conducted with the aim of knowing whether EPS, profit growth, and
infrastructure development priorities have a positive effect on stock prices (SP) in infrastructure
sector companies. In addition, this study also aims to determine the moderating relationship
between infrastructure development priorities and the relationship between EPS and profit growth
with stock prices. This research was conducted on 13 infrastructure companies on the Indonesia
Stock Exchange (IDX) for the 2010-2019 period. The hypothesis in this study was tested using a
panel data regression model. The results of this study found that the EPS variable and the priority of
infrastructure development are the variables that have the most significant effect on stock prices.
This study also found that earnings growth did not have a significant effect on stock prices. In
addition, this study found that with the policy of prioritizing infrastructure development, the
relationship between EPS and stock prices was strengthened. However, this does not apply to the
relationship between profit growth and stock prices. The results of this study can be used for
investors as additional information in making investment decisions.


Earning per Share, profit growth, infrastructure development priorities, and stock price

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