Michael Suryajaya, Ninuk Jonoadji, Teng Sutrisno


Clutch disc is a very important component in power transmission process. The function of the clutch disc is to transmit the power from the engine to the gearbox. There are several type of clutch disc that used from design aspect or engine capacity that is transmitted aspect. Clutch disc Hino MB is used in Hino FM 260Ti and it is a clutch disc modification type that has design combination between Japanese design and European design. This design combination is aim to produce clutch disc with longer life time and has lower risk to crack when it is used. There is a crack problem that happened from the clutch disc Hino MB usage. Therefore, it is necessary to do a research to optimize the design of clutch disc Hino MB. This research is done with make several new designs of clutch disc Hino MB and test it through simulation using Autodesk Inventor. The parameter that had been analyzed is the value of von mises stress from each design. The length of grooves is also analyzed to get better design result. This research produces new design of clutch disc Hino MB that has better design structure.


Clutch disc; Hino MB; von mises stress; stress analysis

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