Perancangan 5S pada Laboratorium Metalurgi Universitas Kristen Petra

Joko Rangga Martiq Windoe


Metallurgical Laboratory of Petra Christian University is a laboratory that focuses on researching material properties. The problem faced by the Metallurgical Laboratory of Petra Christian University is that the 5S concept has not been applied in the laboratory area. Goods, tools, and machines in the laboratory area have not been neatly and cleanly arranged, resulting the operator having difficulty in carrying out activities in the laboratory area such as searching for items needed and dirty areas with remnants of work material. This thesis will be used to assist the design and application of the 5S concept in the area of Metallurgy Laboratory of Petra Christian University. The aim of the thesis is to create a work area that is neatly arranged, comfortable, and eliminates waste in the laboratory area so as to facilitate operators in their activities.


5S; laboratory area; continuous improvement

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