Analisis Line Balancing untuk Peningkatan Efisiensi Lintasan Produksi pada PT. X

Elfan Hermanto


PT. X is a body bus company. Line balancing analysis aims to determine the cause of delay and balance the process time between the production processes so that it can be known that the distribution of work elements is good. Line efficiency assesses whether the distribution of work is good. Standard time calculation is used as a basis for analyzing the causes of delay. The design improvements proposed are estimated to reduce the overall work time to 36.9% or 262 minutes where overtime is not needed in certain parts. Design improvements also see overall line efficiency of 92% where the distribution of work elements is feasible. The improvements made are to increase improvement tools, distribute workers, and propose for supporting production so that production can run smoothly.


line balancing; standard time; line efficiency; delay

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