Perancangan Sistem Analisa Regulasi di Departemen Customs and Excise Compliance pada PT X

Aulastine Setiawan, Karina Agustin


PT X is a multinational company which has a lot of markets overseas. This international market triggered PT X to do the export and import activity. Export and import at PT X is handled by Customs and Excise Department with Compliance as one of its sub department. One of Compliance’s tasks and functions are analyze a regulation and socialize it to the stakeholders. There are a lot of regulations that regulate about export and import and the regulation itself is rapidly changing. This things cause Compliance Department a delay in analyze and socialize the regulation. The other problem that occur in Compliance Department is they need to know a media that can deliver a regulation effectively. The objectives of this research are designing a system for regulation analysis that can help Compliance Department to do a better keep up with regulation’s changing, to minimize the delay of socialize the regulation, and also to know the right media for socialization. The method that is used in this research to find the most effective media is kruskal-wallis test and SOP is used for designing the system for regulation analysis. The result of data processing shows that the most effective media for socialization is in class training and later, this media will be used for regulation socialization process in SOP.


regulation analysis; SOP; correlation analysis; kruskal-wallis test

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