Perbaikan Sistem Keandalan Mesin Kapal dan Pengelolaan Persediaan Spare Part di PT. X

Cristhoforus Maximilliano Daely, Jani Rahardjo


PT. X is a shipping company, especially in gas and oil sector. One of the jobs needed by the company is about provision of vessel and fulfillment of user requests by sending the required spare part components. The purpose of this research was about to find the average time from breakdown spare part components by using the method Mean Time To Fail (MTTF) as an idea in determining the interval schedule for replacement of spare part components. Besides that, the other method used in inventory control policies (Economic Order Quantity) in determining the optimal order size, safety stock of inventory, and reorder point. The results of this research showed that engine of CB RURIK 01 vessel had the highest frequency of downtime and replacement of spare parts interval proposed based on MTTF calculation, were Injector 65.10101-7097 (21 days), Piston 65.02501-0707 (24 days), Valve Ex 65.04101-0068 (13 days), dan Valve In 65.04101-0067 (13 days). Besides that, the result of the calculation of optimal Q for the component of Injectors 65.10101-7097 was 14 unit, Piston 65.02501-0707 was 14 unit, Valve Ex 65.04101-0068 was 54 unit, and Valve In 65.04101-0067 was 55 unit.


Mean Time To Fail (MTTF); Economic Order Quantity; Safety Stock; Reorder Point

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