Perancangan Sistem Pengukuran Kinerja Menggunakan Balanced Scorecard pada Departemen Ekspedisi, Gudang Barang Jadi, HRD&GA, Produksi, QA&QC dan Timbangan di PT. “X”

Jesslyn Gonardi, I Nyoman Sutapa


A strategic work performance measurement is required by corporation to observe their work performance. Work performance measurement is necessary to ensure if the corporate and departement’s work performance fits with the vision and objective of the corporation. PT.X is a box package manufacturing corporation and still not establish a structured and strategic work performance measurement system. Design of the work performance measurement is applied by using Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicator. Design of Balanced Scorecard is started by creating the strategy map to represent the cause effect relationship of the corporate and department’s strategic objectives. After creating the strategy map, designing process of the Balance Scorecard is continued with describing the strategic objectives. All strategic objectives are described by setting the Key Performance Indicator and other components according to Balanced Scorecard’s draft. Result of the design will be implemented for 1 measurement period to review the work performance achievement.


work performance measurement; balanced scorecard; strategy map

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