Rancangan Pengukuran Kinerja Departemen “ABC” PT “X”

Alicia Puspitasari, I Nyoman Sutapa


PT “X” is a company with business unit in the field of boxes. The company has not used measurable methods for performance measurement. Balanced scorecard method is used to measure the performance of quality objectives so that performance measurements can be measured and can be monitored. This balanced scorecard method not only financial measurement, but also for non-financial measurement too. Balanced scorecard will measures all performances in financial, customer, internal business process, and learning & growth perspection. Balanced scorecard designed for seven departements namely marketing, raw material warewhouse, purchasing, PPIC, vehicle repair shop, engineering & maintenance, and EDP. The result of the studies produced seven balanced scorecards and strategy maps of each departements. Performance measurement using balanced scorecard also produces KPI values of each departement. The result of KPI for each departements that below the target will be given an action plan for the futures.


balanced scorecard; key performance indicator; strategy map

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