Perancangan Manajemen Risiko Proses Certificate of Origin di PT. X

Stanley Lorinanto, Karina Agustin


PT X is a multinational company with many export and import activities for expanding their markets. PT X has a problem in import activities regarding payment for import duty’s penalty and tax’s penalty. PT X never know the root causes that cause a penalty on import duty and that’s why the right actions to solve the problems is never be done. PT. X propose a new method to know the root cause of the problem which called Reconcile. Reconcile method still have so many technical problems that will make the result won’t be accurate. Risk Management method is used to analyze the risk that happened during the COO issuance. Risks that have been analyzed will be sorted based on its handling priority using Risk Matrix method. The result of this research yield to solution which is and direct feedback and refreshment to PT. X to solve the technical problems that happens during the reconciliation process.


import; certificate of origin; risk management; reconcile

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