Upaya Penurunan Idle Pada Proses Produksi PT X Menggunakan Metode Fishbone Diagram

Ivan Kristian


One of the problems that occur in PT X and used in this thesis is an idle problem that happened in one of the production lines. Based on observation idle problem occurred at the final assembly process. This idle lead to a work in progress accumulation. This problem cause the operator in the electric process can not process further because the electric operator did not receive any input from the final assembly. 5 why analysis then used on the production line at final assembly and packing. Further analysis found the idle problem at the final assembly is happened because of material shortage from sheet material line material. The Pareto chart shows a material shortage problem occurred by an idle that is happening at turret punching machine because of the frequency of machine shutdown. The root cause of the main problem then analysis further with the fishbone diagram. Every problem that arises from the fishbone diagram is given with a suggestion so the duration of the idle because of the machine shutdown that happened at turret punching machine can be lower. Every suggestion then sorted by their priority with the CARL method.


5 why; pareto chart; fishbone diagram; material shortage; idle; CARL

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