Improvement Manajemen Bahan Baku Kertas dengan MRP I pada PT. X

Richard Richard, Jani Raharjo


Company X is a box manufacturing industry. The business concept used by the Company X is make to order, where the production starts if there is a demanded from the consumers by order. The production process is adjusted to the consumers’ demand because specific products are specified by the consumers. Large number of specific demand by the consumers requires the company to manage raw materials well. Management system in the company is still in a poor condition, resulting in exceeded paper raw material stock and lost sales because of the insufficient paper raw material to help the production process. The purpose of this research is to improve the management of paper raw material in order to optimize the ordering system of paper raw material and to avoid excessive stock and lost sales. The method used to solve the problem is Material Requirement Planning I with the concept of demand forecasting. The result of Material Requirement Planning can help the company to manage paper raw material and ordering paper raw material optimally. The profit obtained by the company ordering paper raw material optimally can decrease the amount of ordering paper raw materials by 17%.


material requirment planning I; raw material management; box; manufacturing industry

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