Perbaikan Jadwal Produksi untuk Meminimalkan Makespan pada Kegiatan Produksi Kardus di PT. X

Joe Hendy Elian Etenia, I Nyoman Sutapa


PT. X is a company engaged in the box manufacturing industry. This company produces production according to consumer demand. Box is planned in the PPIC section, but the current system has a problem which is a long production time and resulting in late delivery. Box production is planned in the PPIC section, but the current system has a problem, which is a long production time, and resulting in late delivery. The purpose of this study is to make a sequence of daily production scheduling which aims to minimize makespan. The method used to deal with this problem is dispatching rules with the method Earliest Due Date (EDD) and Shortest Processing Time (SPT). Scheduling techniques using forward and backward. The results of scheduling planning produce daily production more regularly and can track orders that are being produced. Another advantage obtained from this proposed improvement is reducing the production makespan by 136.352 seconds.


makespan; scheduling; EDD; SPT; forward; backward

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