Compatibility Drive Train Parts di PT Insera Sena Sidoarjo

Feldo Natanael


PT Insera Sena is a bicycle assembly company, which has been established since 1989. PT Insera Sena covers local as well as international markets for more than fifty countries across five continents. The company capacity is approximately 750,000 units bicycles per year that can be categorized as road bike, mountain bike, urban, and E-bike. Each type of bicycle has different types of component. Therefore, the variety of bicycle's components is huge. One of the major issues in the PT. Insera Sena is dead-stock. The dead-stock can occur due to uncontrolled variety of bicycle's components, incompatibility specification in bicycle construction due to human error, or other cases. In this research, we propose tools to prevent human error. The proposed tools are an Excel program for checking the parts compatibility for each bicycle specifications and components grouping maps. Those tools are applied by Insera Sena, and indeed they can reduce the dead-stock due to the human error.


compatibility parts; grouping; bicycle manufacturer industry

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