Analisis Beban Kerja untuk Menghitung Jumlah Kebutuhan Pekerja pada Line Assembly CU Line Condenser di PT. XYZ

Evan Edbert, I Gede Agus Widyadana


The purpose of this research is to find out the amount of workload so that the company can determine the amount of workers that are needed to complete the customer’s demand on time. The method used is compare workload using work time based on the company’s cycle time formula, calculated standard time, and real time. Calculation of the number workers needed by using work time from the cycle time formula and standard time is then carried out and compared with the actual conditions to find the difference. Worker efficiency calculation are also carried out to see how efficient workers are from October to December 2018. The result shows that workload calculated using cycle time formula is very low compared with using real time, so also when compared to using standard time. Process time from cycle time formula needs to be improved because it does not take into account the number of workers needed to complete the work and there are other problems too. Calculation of worker efficiency shows that the worker’s efficiency is quite low, the highest efficiency is 66.17% from coil assembly position in December. Proposes improvements are how to calculate the number of workers needed and work hours needed, as well as the calculation of non value added time to be given to process time from cycle time formula for processes that are needed but non value added and allowances for workers.


Standard time; workload analysis; calculation of the number of workers needed; worker efficiency

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