Identifikasi Penyebab Keterlambatan Pengiriman dan Upaya Penurunan Lead Time Proses pada PT. X

Winata Nugraha Saputra


PT. X is a manufacturing company that produce rigid packaging for cosmetic products. Between January 2018 - March 2019 PT. X got a delivery delay problem up to 391 times, therefore a research was conducted to identify the causes of the delay. This research used root cause analysis as an approach for analyzing the cause of the delay. Delivery delays that had happened in PT. X were caused by actual process lead time (58 days) that took longer than planned process lead time (52 days), therefore creating a gap (6 days). The root cause of the delivery delays are production problems that can be categorized into four type, which is Downtime (39.5%) that caused by mold, machine, process, color, robot, and set up problems; Loss Hour (26.3%) that caused by no norder and preventive maintenance problems; Speed Gap (24.2%) that caused by machine’s actual cavity that are less than the planned cavity and machine’s actual cycle time that took longer than the planned cycle time; Time Reject (10.0%) that caused by black spot, material spot, amandel, appearance, gripis, baret, and mulut tidak pres problems. The potential decrease of the actual lead time when all of the root causes are dealt with are 29.5 days (65.90%)


delivery delays; lead time; root cause analysis

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