Perancangan Jadwal Maintenance untuk Menurunkan Downtime pada Line Mesin Pellet 9 dengan Metode Reliability Centered Maintenance (RCM)

Divania Maria Christy


PT. X is a company engaged in the field of animal feed. The huge demand of animal feed causes machines work continuously and rarely stops. This condition can cause large machines downtime, especially for the pellet line. Downtime can be reduced by identifying the root cause by using Fault Tree Analysis. The cause of the problem will be given a value using Failure Mode Effect Analysis. FTA and FMEA are part of Reliability Centered Maintenance. Improvements were made by recapitulating failure data of the components to find out the effective days for conducting machines maintenance. The components maintenance day will be used to create a new maintenance schedule, which is expected to reduce the downtime. Downtime of main machine can be reduced by 31.94%.


maintenance management; fault tree analysis; failure mode effect analysis; reduce downtime; reliability centered maintenance (rcm).

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