Perancangan Program 5R di PT. X sebagai Dasar Pengembangan Kegiatan Continuous Improvement

Vania Ika Hapsari, Benedictus Rahardjo


The base of continuous improvement activities to ensure the company's survival is the overall implementation of the 5S. 5S is a method of organizing and maintaining work environment intensively, i.e. sort, straighten, shine, standardize, and sustain. 5S is very important because the working environment will be more comfortable and safe so that it can increase the productivity and quality of work for employees. The 5S program must be well designed because the actual implementation of 5S is quite easy to do, but to make it a habit or culture requires more effort. Design of the 5S program at PT. X is done with a 3S pilot project in a small scope first, in the HR Division. The concept is designed at this stage, starting from making sort, straighten, and shine criteria; evaluation method in the form of an audit; to make a survey to find out employee responses to the 5S program that has taken place in the HR Division. Furthermore, the implementation of the 5S program must have a clear standard so that later it can be applied in a large scope, therefore the 5S program documents are designed which include standard operating procedures (SOP), red label, audit forms, and assessment forms.


5S; continuous improvement; sort; straighten; shine

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