Pengaruh Peletakan Display Produk Berdasarkan Prinsip 5R dan Planogram terhadap Peningkatan Penjualan: Studi Kasus pada Ritel X di Lamongan

Ricky Haryanto, Tanti Octavia, Rachmat Sugianto


This research attempts to improve the sales of a convenience store. The proposed improvements are done using 5R and planogram concepts. Planogram is applied to classify the products and to determine the locations of the racks. The Implementation has been done and it showed 200 of 475 items has increased in number of sales. The average weekly demand for the increased items is 62 units. The implementation is applied during fasting period where the highest priority of buyers is foods and drinks. Therefore, for drugs and cigarettes has the smallest the number of sales.


concept 5r; planogram

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