Analisis Bahaya dengan Metode HACCP pada Produksi Pakan Ayam Petelur di PT X

Michelle Horax, I Nyoman Sutapa


PT X is a multinational company engaged in producing animal feed. The purpose of this Final Project is to apply HACCP for the company. HACCP system is applied on behalf of basic principles of HACCP that is doing hazard analysis, determining Critical Control Point, determining Control Limit, monitoring system, corrective actions, verification procedures, and documentation formation. The result of the HACCP designer for PT X is that nothing inedible nor hazardous is included in the CCP, yet there is still in OPRP. The danger that contains in the OPRP is the danger of aflatoxin contamination in the packing process. The embroidery hazards already have a PRP which is a basic requirement used by people who want to eliminate the hazard. The dangers of aflatoxin contamination included in the OPRP will be determined by Control Limit, monitoring systems, corrective actions, verification procedures, and documentation formation.



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