Hazard identification, Risk Assessment and Risk control (HIRARC) di PT. Teno Indonesia

Brian Sujatmiko Loandi, Kriswanto Widiawan


PT. Teno Indonesia is a pilling services company. PT. Teno Indonesia has a poorly made Occupational Safety and Health Administration.  HIRARC is made to help PT. Teno Indonesia improve their OHSA. Designing of HIRARC document is based on clausul 4.3.1 in OHSAS 18001:2007. HIRARC document is created from three projects currently being worked on by PT. Teno Indonesia in the time span of this thesis. Data gathering is performed with obervation, unstructured interview and using the data from PT. Teno Indonesia. Doing risk analysis to determine which process has high severity. Creating a proposal of improvement that can be used to minimalize and eliminate the high risk if could. The end result of this thesis is gathered from hazard identification at PT. Teno’s three project, risk assessment and creating a risk control to reduce the quantity of risk that is being categorized as high to zero.


HIRARC; qualitative risk assessment; OHSAS 18001:2007

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