Perancangan Standar Proses dan Waktu Proses Pembuatan Packing pada Suplier PT X.

Bernardus Valiant, Tanti Octavia


The purpose of this research is to design packing standard process and processing time in PT X. The standard process and processing time is needed because at this time PT X does not have standard process and processing time especially in packing KPA 148. With having the standard process and processing time, it is expected to give quality assurance for the process.

The standard of design process and process time is done by conducting experiments based on data making of other type A packing (KPA043) in each process. The results of the recommended experiments will be written into Work Instruction (WI) and then implemented. The results obtained in the form of standard and processing time where the milling process has a standard time of 750 seconds, the cutting length process has a standard 9.2 - 10.8 mm and standard on hotpress process using temperature 147 - 153oC for 200 seconds for packing KPA 148.


standard process; work instruction

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