Perancangan dan Penerapan 5S di Area Hand Add PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Feedmill Balaraja

Yosi Kurniawan, I Nyoman Sutapa


PT Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Feedmill Balaraja is a company that produce animal feed. One of the main processes that influence the hand add process to determine the level of food quality itself. The process carried out in the hand add area is the weighing of the seasoning material to be produced. The quantity and type of material to be weighed is also on request from the PPIC Department that determines the feed code to be produced.The environment in the hand add area itself in terms of Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize and Sustain not seen in the area of the hand add area. One of the improvement efforts that can be done by applying the 5S method. Improvements using the 5S method can fix up the hand add area and improve operator performance. The increase in performance hand add operator is 20,6%.


5S; hand add; clean; tidy

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