Perancangan HIRARC di PT.Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Feedmill Balaraja

Steven Hermanto, Jani Rahardjo


PT.Charoen Pokphand Indonesia Feedmill Balaraja is a company that produce animal feed. This research aims to design HIRARC document according to the company actual condition in 2018. Hazard identification is performed by direct observation, view the historical data of occupational accidents, and do an interview with the workers. The hazard identification result then assessed. The result of the risk assessment show that there are 69% percentage of activities with negligible risk level, 26% with low risk level, 3% with medium risk level, and 2% with high level. The last stage is the risk control that performed by elimination, substitution, administration, design, and also PPE.


hazard identification risk assessment and risk control, HIRARC, SMK3.

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