Monitoring Penggunaan Energi, Emisi Karbondioksida, dan Air di PT. X

Melina Andriani Santoso


PT.X is a company that produces consumer goods located at Rungkut. One of the departments at PT.X is engineering services department. Part of the tasks that this department aware are monitoring energy usage, carbon dioxide emission, and water usage for each year on each factory. There factories are monitored, that is Sukorejo factory, Karawang factory, and SKT factory. The department will receive data of energy, carbon dioxide emission, and water usage performance in the forms of excel template files. The existed problems at the beginning of this project were, for each department they had their templates for recording the data. It was challenging to evaluate the energy usage, carbon dioxide emission, and water usage, and to compare them “apple to apple”. Another problem faced by the department was knowing the sources of higher usage in energy, carbon dioxide emission, and water. Therefore, to solve those problems, in this project we propose a new template that covers all three factories data set. The new template is standardized for all departments level. Additionally, it is constructed using Microsoft excel with macro feature, so that it will be easier for a user to input and evaluate data. The template has two functions, that is for inputting data, and reporting the summary statistics. The summary statistics is reporting in a form of a dashboard.  It is well known that a dashborad can help the management to analyze the data, and to make the performance comparison across all departments level.


dashboard; macro; energy; carbon dioxide emission; water; standardize.

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