Upaya Pencapaian Target Output Mesin Injeksi 7 di PT. X

Kelly Kelly


PT. X is an international shoe factory, located in Indonesia. PT. X has two factories, i.e., Factory 1 and Factory 2. Those factories produce two different types of footwear based on the Europe season, that is, the Autumn-Winter footwear and the Spring-Summer footwear. The objective of the topic is increasing the target output in the injection machine. To increase the target output, we first identified the problem in the injection machine from the machine setting and machine management point of views. In the machine setting, we found that the injection time is over the standard allowance time. While in the machine management, the delay caused by the improper roughing laser increased the loss of pairs in the production line. After some improvements have been made, the average of actual output increases from 141.85 pairs/hour to 154.4 pairs/hour.


cycle time; output

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