K@ta Kita

K@takita is a journal, published twice a year, in January and July by the English Department, Faculty of Letters, Petra Christian University, Surabaya, Indonesia. It presents articles on the study of language, literature, and teaching. Its objective is to provide a forum for students to publish their academic works. Appropriate subjects include, but not limited to, analysis, studies, application of theories, research or project reports. An attempt is made to maintain a balanced coverage of language, literature, and teaching issues as long as the topic is academically sound.

Vol 6, No 3 (2018)

Table of Contents


The Labeling of Good and Evil in “Descendants” PDF
Alicia Nagaseta 230-234
The Md of Adriel’s M(In)D PDF
Alvin Surya Pratama 235-241
Where My Heart Belongs PDF
Amelia Hartanta 242-248
The Inequality in “Cewek!!!” and “Still…” PDF
Anastacya Ruslim 249-253
Traveler’s Cafe: Exploring How One’s Level of Emotional Maturity Has an Impact in Their Decision to Marry PDF
Candy Truisnaningsih 254-259
An English Promotional Video to Show the Well-Rounded Students of Pelangi Kristus Children Seminary PDF
Muh Saifulloh 260-268
Masculinity Construction in Apple Iphone 7 Plus Commercials: “The Rock X Siri – Dominate the Day and the Dive” PDF
Nico Christiawan Untaryo 269-274
Flasher: Exploring the Mind of an Exhibitionist PDF
Patricia Amanda 275-285
Promoting the Diamond Suite and President Suite of Rich Palace Hotel Using a Promotional Video PDF
Poh Vania Lokita 286-291
The Roles of Factors in Communication Styles Influencing the Marriage of Bataknese and the Javanese PDF
Alice Gunasirini 292-298
Translation and Culture: The Change of Cultural Atmosphere in the Translated Version of Ahmad Tohari’s “The Red Bekisar” PDF
Astari Astari 299-305
Increasing the Brand Awareness of Artotel Surabaya Using a Promotional Video PDF
Sherin Gloria Ivanalim 306-311
Increasing the Brand Awareness of Midtown Hotel Surabaya PDF
Sitju Melinda Crishtine 312-316

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