Improving Avery Dennison Employer Branding to Anticipate Future Company Talent Pipeline Problems

Hans Christopher William


Employer branding is a strategy that companies use to reach the target market to acquire and retain employees for improving themselves. Having a strong employer branding is very crucial since it will strongly relate to talent acquisition and growth of the company in the future. Avery Dennison's weak presence as an employer to university students in the Netherlands is something that needs to be improved to ensure their presence and awareness as an employer in the future. The main purpose of this research is to find suitable improvements for Avery Dennison's employer branding to increase their awareness of university students in the Netherlands.

Interviews with related parties, research through credible sources, and analysis were conducted by the writer. This was then processed through the SWOT analysis and enhanced through the confrontation matrix to find suitable recommendations for Avery Dennison. The result of the confrontation matrix presents several recommendations for Avery Dennison in the Netherlands. Enhancing online engagement and implementing KPIs are the recommendations given by the writer to improve the employer branding strategy and awareness of the company toward university students.

Keywords: Employer Branding Strategy, University Students, Company Awareness, Talent Pipeline


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