Software Asset Management Improvement and Implementation

Timothy Alexander


Software asset management is a way to manage software assets within the organization through managing and optimizing every phase of a software’s life cycle. Through the advancements of technology and the fact that technology plays a bigger role in companies, software asset management is now considered to be an essential part of business. It is crucial for companies to take software management into account to optimize their costs as well as mitigating legal risks. Therefore, the purpose of this research is to analyse ways to improve and implement a better software asset management strategy for The Kraft Heinz Company’s EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) zone.

The research is done through an analysis of Kraft Heinz’s current software asset management strategy consisting of numerous interviews with the IT and procurement department located in both EMEA and the United States. The findings were then compared against the optimal software asset management strategies which are gathered from numerous literature reviews. The result of the research gives The Kraft Heinz Company an implementation plan consisting of methods to improve their software asset management strategy, ultimately to optimize cost and reduce legal risks.


Keywords: Software Asset Management, Cost Optimization, Software Life Cycle
Optimization, IT Organization Optimization


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